e-ASEP Greek Supreme Council

Project Title : e-ASEP Platform for the Supreme Council for the Selection of Staff

Customer: Supreme Council for the Selection of Staff

Contractor: «Unisystems Α.Ε. – Quality & Reliability A.E»

Budget: 3.146.417,00 € 

Project Implementation Period : 6/2014 – 11/2016

The S.C.S.S.’s main responsibilities include: the choice of employees in the public sector, the review of the legality of recruitment procedures in the public and broader public sector and the supervision and evaluation of personnel in the public and broader public sector.

The aim of this project was the development and installation of an electronic services’ system for the S.C.S.S., promoting e-governance and facilitating citizen applications (G2C). All functions of SCSS and mainly the ones related to the recruitment procedures, are supported by a modern electronic information system, able to manage effectively and quickly the very large number of positions, notices and candidates participating in the selection procedures of SCSS.

The main goals achieved with this project are the following:

-Improvement of the quality of the services provided to the citizens and public organizations
-Improvement of the quality of the procedures provided for hiring
-Upgrade to the means of communication with the citizens.
-Improvement in the internal operation and communication between S.C.S.S.’s offices, which increased productivity and minimized response time of internal operations
-Better statistical data on Public Sector’s hirings
-Increase of credibility and transparency in the hiring procedures
-Increase in objectivity, meritocracy and equity on Public Sector’s exams
-Utilization of human resources and increase in productivity

The project included: portal development and management, upgrade of existing electronic services of the Supreme Council for the Selection of Staff, creation of an online help guide for applicants, creation of the electronic registry of candidates, recruitment consultancy, positions’ prediction, interoperability with 20 Institutions of the Public Administration, calculation of candidates’ point system, BI

Technologies used: Oracle Database 11g ,Oracle Internet Application Server , Oracle WebTier, Oracle Internet Development Suite, Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Web Logic Suite, BPEL Proccess Manager option, Oracle BI , Oracle WebCenter Portal, Oracle Web Logic Server

The basic functions of the system are:

o Management of electronic procedures for staff selection

o Management of written exams for staff selection

o Upgrade of existing electronic services of the Supreme Council for the Selection of Staff

o Creation of the electronic registry of candidates

o Recruitment consultancy

o Positions prediction

o Calculation of candidates’ point system

o Asset Management

o BI

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