Ηoly Αrchdiocese of Αthens

Project Title: «E-Government Applications and Church Property Management System»

 1.«E-Government Applications and Church Property Management System»

Customer: Ηoly Αrchdiocese of Αthens
Contractor: Union of Companies «Intrasoft International S.A. – Quality & Reliability S.A.»
Contract Value: 4.430.000 € without VAT
Project’s Implementation Period: 31/7/2015 –23/2/2017
Project’s Description:

The project included:
• The development and installation of a central eGovernment platform for the Holy Archdiocese of Athens and the cooperating Holy Dioceses,
• The development and implementation of a Church Property Management System
• The development of specialized digital services
During the project, the installation and parameterization of ORAMA ERP and especially of its module ORAMA Property Management took place.

The following tasks were carried out:
1. Requirements analysis
2. Supply, installation and configuration of the necessary system software (database server, web / application server, portal server, cms etc.) on the main infrastructure
3. Implementation of a central database linked to the project’s subsystems, in order to fulfill the management of the necessary data, required to provide digital services
4. Installation and configuration of the ORAMA ERP (Financial Modules)
5. Design and implementation of a central database for the Ecclesiastical Properties, which incorporates:
• Location and identity of the properties with geo-reference (coordinates in the Integrated Geodetic Cartographic Reference System (EGSA 87), geographical region, administrative division, district, street and number, place name, postcode), geometry (boundaries, contours, surface) and description
• Detailed technical and design documentation of the properties, comprising of topographic patterns, coverage diagrams, urban plans, building conditions, cadastral charts, floor plans of buildings or floors, dimensions, etc., in the form of electronic or scanned drawings under the above reference system (EGSA 87) (georeferenced) and files in electronic form
• Documentation related to the ownership status and the Cadastre and Mapping Agency (title deeds, contracts, etc.), the weights, the disputes, the claims and the encroachments
• Information on the management, exploitation, utilization and promotion of the properties (concessions, leases, protection, commercial and objective values, etc.)
6. Supply of specialized database management software, GIS Server, electronic document management and content management software and tools for the digitization, the data importing and the incorporation and integrated management of the above information and data in a single geographic database environment
7. Analysis, design and development of supporting applications for the importing and management of geographic data and the recording and electronic documentation of properties, by advanced users and administrators
8. Development and parameterization of the following main subsystems:
• Financial Services
• Electronic Protocol, Document Management System and Workflow for the management of the necessary actions and documents
• Ecclesiastical Councils Management
• Temples, Priests & Staff Management
• Technical Services and Temple Construction Subsystem with content digitization and implementation of a Geographical Information System (GIS)
• Marriages and Divorces Office
• Management Information System (MIS)
• Church Properties Management Subsystem
• Portal through which all the information and all the project’s digital services are available
• Interoperability Subsystem
• Users Management Subsystem for the centralized management of users, providing authentication and autherization services to users or user groups
9. Training services for the systems and the applications and in particular:
• Training of the users and the administrators of the Central Infrastructure, for both Software and Hardware

• Training (conventional and on the job) for the services’ users in the new Information System and the new procedures
10. Provision of start-up services during the pilot operation of the system, for a total duration of three months
11. Provision of onsite technical support services during the productive operation period of the system, lasting for four months starting from the final acceptance of the system (including Help Desk services)

ORAMA ERP, Oracle * Rdbms, Oracle *ADF, Oracle *SOA, Oracle*Weblogic, Oracle*BI , ArcGIS

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