Orama e-Guarantee

The Orama* e-Guarantee software suite, does constitute a complete software solution, for the management of guarantee letters through financial institutions. It does support the full circle of operational procedures, from the request to issue a guarantee letter, up to the calculation of the cash supplies per guarantee letter and the online update of the end customer, through all of the available communication channels of the financial institution. In addition, it can interoperate with the available applications of financial institutions, such as mobile banking apps, user management and Financial Institution Back-Office systems.

Main Benefits of The System

  • Quick and Secure transaction.
  • The customer can apply all the necessary actions and print the guarantee letter, from his/her own place, without having the need to personally attend to the financial institution.
  • Issue Of guarantee Letters, without the need for any availability of physical branches of financial institutions

The customer can easily access and receive, (through a user-friendly interface), information on

  • The submitted applications, for issue of guarantee letters
  • Guarantee letters, for which an approval is expected from the issuer (in cases of guarantee letters, with more than a sole beneficiary).
  • Completed requests
  • Debts’ analysis per guarantee letter

The Orama* e-Guarantee software suite, consists of the following Subsystems;

1. Core functionalities of all submitted applications through web subsystem

  • Applications for issue of guarantee letter, from the customer
  • Approval of issue of guarantee letter, from the financial institution
  • Electronic payments of probable debts and commissions
  • Submission of requested documentation
  • Ability of interconnection with the e-banking authentication software module of the financial institution.

2. Core functionalities of the Guarantee Letters’ Management subsystem

  • Application for issue of guarantee letter (for customers who address to Banking Branches, or through phone – banking services)
  • Application control and cross checking of application details, through interoperability with the Credit Control system of the related authorities.
  • Supply of information to the customer
  • Statistical information (payments, debts, details of guarantee letters, etc.)
  • Creation and customization of guarantee letters’ templates
  • Addition of comments, directed towards the customer

3. Core functionalities of the Workflow subsystem

  • Parameters’ setting of Approving workflows, related to the type of guarantee letter, the capital and the branch of the financial institution
  • Audit of the application and cross check of its’ details
  • Approval of the application
  • Rejection of the application
  • Submission of comments towards the involved departments and in relation to the issue of the guarantee letter.
  • Change of application status

4. Core functionalities of the Payments Management subsystem

  • The end customer is notified on the amount of commissioning to be paid and of all other debts as well. The system produces an electronic payment code.
  • The payment can be completed:
    • Through electronic payment (interoperability with the e-banking payment system of the financial institution)
    • Through use of credit/ debit card (interoperability with the debit and credit cards’ system of the financial institution)

5. Core Functionalities of the Credit Control management subsystem

  • Management of end customer credit limits
  • Management of guarantee letters per customer
  • Management of commissioning per guarantee letter type
  • Management of guarantee letter returns
  • Management of statement printouts

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