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Banking & Finance

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Banking and Financial Services

Partnerships and Services

In today's financial environment Banks and Financial Services are under pressure, globally, to optimize their costs, maintain their capital reserves and significantly increase their profitability.

At the same time, on a frequent basis, new Banking and Financial Supervision rules are adopted and require changes in systems and procedures.

 The new technologies of digitization, data management, artificial intelligence, machine learning and Blockchain are now being adopted and applied, at a fast pace, in the systems, processes and business models of Banks and Financial companies.

Companies have already seen in practice that to optimize their profitability and comply flexibly, easily and with low IT investment with Supervisory requirements they need to implement the new technologies that have recently been developed.

Quality & Reliability has many years of experience in Information Technology projects related to software development, system installation, business software solutions as well as cloud applications. The company has undertaken with great success many projects of the Public and Private sector (Greece 2.0).

Applying technology to business transformation, over the years, Quality and Reliability closely monitors the involvement of Banks and Financial companies in their search for new systems and technologies, that make their business models flexible, offer services with great added value to their customers and optimize their Risk Management procedures and processes.

To serve the specific technological requirements of the Banking and Financial sector, Quality and Reliability has established (is in the process of establishing) a series of business partnerships with well-known banking technology companies (Fintech companies) in the sectors. 

Core-Web Banking systems and payment systems
Treasury Trading and Settlement systems
Risk Management Systems
Wealth and Asset Management Systems

Quality and Reliability, in addition to the above collaborations, offers consulting services as well as installation and integration services for the above systems.

Our software solutions can help banks and financial institutions automate processes, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience. From digital banking solutions to risk management tools, we offer a range of solutions to help you stay ahead of the competition.


Banking and Financial Services

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List of clients

Engineers & Public Works Contractors Fund (EPWCF | TMEDE)
Bank of Greece
ATE Bank
Agricultural Bank of Greece Personnel Health Fund

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