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Public sector

Effective end-to-end software solutions 

Public sector

Effective end-to-end software solutions 

The public sector is transforming through digitization. By implying innovative digital technologies in business processes, we can provide cost – effective, more transparent, eliminate bureaucracy please rephrase.


Public Sector


Case studies

Area of Expertise

Real Estate Management​
Payroll Management​
Human Resources Management
Citizen Registration Systems​
e-Gov Portals and e-Services
Business Process Management
Road Traffic Police Fine Management


Orama e-Guarantee
Orama HRMS
Orama Payroll Management
Orama Property Management
Port Authorities

List of clients

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ministry of Culture & Sports
Ministry of Digital Governance
Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Development & Investments
Ministry of Maritime, Affairs, and Island Policy
Hellenic Ministry of Defense (HMOD)
General Secretariat for Civil Protection
General Secretariat for Public Works
General Secretariat of Environment Physical Planning and Public Works
General Secretariat for Information Systems
General Secretariat of Services of General Interest
General Secretariat of Aegean an Island Policy
General Secretariat of Communication
Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP)
Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission
Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE)
Personal Data Protection Authority
Merchant Seamen's Fund
Athens Water Supply & Sewerage Company
ADEDY (Senior Management Officials Association)
Hellenic Post
Hellenic Olympic Committee
Olympic Games Security Division (O.G.S.D.)
National Accreditation Centre of Vocational Training Structures and Accompanying Support Services
State Scholarships Foundation
City of Athens
Over 20 Regional Units (Athens, Piraeus, Magnesia etc)
Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest
Athens Special Registry
National Printing Office
Fire Service
Management Organization Unit
Hellenic Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises
Hellenic Public Real Estate Corporation
Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration
Hellenic Food Authority
Labor Exchange Office
Archaeological Receipts Fund
Public Construction Nursing Units
Tram S.A.
Court of Audit
Piraeus Court
County Court of Peristeri
Agricultural Bank of Greece Personnel Health Fund
Ancillary Insurance Fund for Retail Store Employees​
National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government
Organization of Public Materials Management
General Chemical State Laboratory of Greece

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