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Ministry of Economy and Finance:
Management of Public land



Modernize and enhance the infrastructure of the General Directorate of Public Property & National Heritage, as well as the Land Services of General Secretariat of Tax Policy and Public Property.



Development of an integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) for effective management of state-owned land and property, along with the provision of digital services to citizens.

Product Details

Contractor: Consortium: Q&R (50%) – Profile(50%)
Beneficiary: Ministry of Economy and Finance
Start Date:  28/08/2013
Duration: 28 months
Budget: (2.732.800€)


Main Functionalities

Design and implementation of a central database of properties, which incorporates information about: geolocation , ownership status, detailed technical and design documentation, management, exploitation, utilization and promotion of properties

Data from 19 different ministries.

Over 370,000 public property records imported.

Updating and maintaining digital archives.



Enhanced efficiency in management of state owned land and properties.

Decreased operational expenses.

Ability to online data acquisition

Assurance of accurate and up to date information

Improved services quality to citizens, businesses, and other relevant entities

Previous Project
Ministry of interior: 
Digitization of Civil Acts 
Next Project
Ministry of Digital Governance: 
National e-procurement system 

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